membahas sesuatu

for mothers in the world

“Just for my mom I write this song
Just my mom I sing this song
Coz just my mom can wipe my tears
Coz just my mom can only feel”

Accidentally I remember this Sheila on 7’s song.. miss my mom so much in this mother’s day. Mothers are the most important person in our life. Who teach us how to survive in this cruel life. Ther’s so many song that describe our love to our mother. U can see lyric of “Ibu” by Z-sky, the other song that I love, that describes my feeling to my mom in my town, far away from me :

Ibu bagaiman kabarmu? Saat ini kita jauh..
Rindu hatiku ingin bertemu pulang ke rumahku dulu
Apakah ibu sehat saja? Dan apa kabar semuanya?
Walau kita sering tak sepaham
Tak menghapus rasa sayang
Tolonglah ibu balas suratku
Obatilah rinduku bertemu denganmu
Tolonglah ibu kabari aku
Obatilah inginku tuk bertemu denganmu
Dan bila aku belumlah sempat kembali
Doakan aku dan restuilah langkahku

Just wanna say, I love u Mom.. u are my hero. So proud to be her daughter. Strong women..


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